Monthly Archives: July 2012

Long time between posts, but here I am again. Since I last wrote I have been to a local community radio station and have been learning how to record the talky bits for a show I’ll be doing. It’s internet only, but I’m sure I’ll be telling everyone when they can listen to it. Sadly when I was recording my voice I sounded like either a hospital radio DJ or the people who broadcast on Co-operative FM. A bit too Smashey and Nicey for my liking, but I can only improve. I also booked  a drumming lesson, so I’m finally getting the things done that I’ve avoided for years. This writing is another one and I intend to begin learning Italian again. I have lot’s of Teach Yourself Italian books and there is a great site called Memrise, that has a novel approach to learning.

I was just re-reading my initial post and I do come across a a bit of a pompous bore. Discipline seems to be the key, as the long gaps between this and the last post testify. I’ve just been listening to a blogger called Joe Sparrow on 6music  (his blog is called ‘A New Band A Day’) and although the music was interesting it was all a bit samey. I don’t want a new band a day, I want something I havene’t heard from years ago or something I’d dismissed at the time. Prove to me how good Stackridge or The Pirahnas are/were. I really am as interested in what was going on forty or fifty years ago, as I am now. What would be good would be comments on my thoughts and recommendations from you. Although I loved the Word Magazine, I’d have to say that the music on the free cds was pedestrian and dull.  

Still, today we have the Killers who must rank up there as one of the bands who showed most promise and then didn’t deliver. I remember listening to the first album on a holiday in Cornwall and being blown away by the passion and the ‘bigness’ of it. There was no one singing in as grandiose a fashion as Brandon Flowers at that time and they promised the glamour and glitz that rock n roll had lost. We had ‘All these things I’ve Done’ on rotation in the car and although we weren’t quite sure what a soul jar was , we bought into it. An astonishing Glastonbury performance with them dressed in white and the wind blowing through Dave Keuning’s hair as he was pushed to the front of the stage at the beginning of ‘All these things’ just confirmed what they had to offer. It was astonishing stuff indeed. 

Then came the second album, Sam’s Town. I still have it , but have probably listened to it once. It was Killers lite and Brandon Flowers was pushing his pop sensibilities to the fore. I still love the first album, but I think that’s all they may have had in them. Shame really. 


Right, I have a lot of music on my PC. I have no cds as I sold them on Ebay. I download a tremendous amount of music and there are lots I never listen to. This blog is intended for me to listen to and comment on the music I have. Some I will delete as it’s probably not that good, some I will keep and some will lead me to new artists or more albums from the same artist.

Also I hope to get better at this writing lark and make a small amount of money that we can use for travelling. I’m neither Paul Theroux nor Eddie Butler, but I think I can improve and hope to see the change. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I loosen up a bit and I write more as I speak, which can be mildly amusing.

Shall we begin then. Today we have Townparks Foundry , a free download of a 6 track mini album from their Bandcamp site. Presumably no more, this 2002 release has hints of the slower British Sea Power tracks, a bit of pastoral Epic45/July Skies ambient guitar picking and some wistful vocals. Sorry for the clichés, it’ll get better. I have no knowledge about this band other than it was flagged up on an email from the Deserted Village label in Galway. I once bought a United Bible Artists cd from them and they send out occasional emails. A google search reveals that a Townparks service station in Antrim won a national prize in 2009.Could they be connected, I really don’t know. So if you like this you know where to get it.