81 Days of Music

Right, I have a lot of music on my PC. I have no cds as I sold them on Ebay. I download a tremendous amount of music and there are lots I never listen to. This blog is intended for me to listen to and comment on the music I have. Some I will delete as it’s probably not that good, some I will keep and some will lead me to new artists or more albums from the same artist.

Also I hope to get better at this writing lark and make a small amount of money that we can use for travelling. I’m neither Paul Theroux nor Eddie Butler, but I think I can improve and hope to see the change. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I loosen up a bit and I write more as I speak, which can be mildly amusing.

Shall we begin then. Today we have Townparks Foundry , a free download of a 6 track mini album from their Bandcamp site. Presumably no more, this 2002 release has hints of the slower British Sea Power tracks, a bit of pastoral Epic45/July Skies ambient guitar picking and some wistful vocals. Sorry for the clichés, it’ll get better. I have no knowledge about this band other than it was flagged up on an email from the Deserted Village label in Galway. I once bought a United Bible Artists cd from them and they send out occasional emails. A google search reveals that a Townparks service station in Antrim won a national prize in 2009.Could they be connected, I really don’t know. So if you like this you know where to get it.


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